Our work culture

At DC Infotech & Communication Ltd. (DCICL), employees are our most valuable asset. We take immense pride in saying that wherever we are today and whatever we have achieved is because of sheer dedication, willpower and passion of our employees. We have done everything possible to create an environment for our workforce where they will feel valued and appreciated. We offer robust forms of recognition, competitive packages and incentives to keep them motivated and give their best at the workplace. Additionally, our open and transparent culture has allowed every individual to approach anyone in the organizational hierarchy without fear and hesitation.

Employee development and training

Employment at DCICL is not just a job, but a full career path. We provide an array of opportunities for our employees irrespective of their background. Here you will get an opportunity to work on new and challenging projects in the world of networking. We encourage our employees to learn and develop a new skill, expand their horizon of knowledge and gain expertise in whatever they do. We also arrange training and developments programmes for our employees so that stay abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the field of IT and networking. In short, we do everything to empower our employees so that they can take initiative and make a decision on their own.

Work-life balance

We are of the opinion that our employee can contribute to their full potential and give their best only if they lead a happy, healthy and contented life. At DCICL, when a new entrant joins a company, he is considered not just an employee, but a member of the DCICL’s extended family playing a crucial role and shouldering greater responsibilities. We try to maintain a balance between work and life by providing several options such as flexible working schedules, work from home option, taking short breaks during work hours etc. Besides this, we also celebrate festivals and special occasions such as birthdays and success parties. These celebrations help to break the monotonous routine and de-stress the workplace environment.

DCICL believes that excellence can only be achieved by having a consistently happier, less stressed and motivated workforce.

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