Why join DC Infotech

At DC Infotech Communication Ltd(DCICL),we belive that our employees are invaluable asset and a driving force behind success. We pride ourselves in having some of the best talents in the world of networkung,communication and security. We have created a very open and transparent environment for our employees where they are free to ask questions to their colleagues and seniors. Junior professionals can easily approach their seniors in the organization hierarchy and get their doubts clear about the project or office work without any hesitation.

Employee Recruitment, Training and Development

As a pioneer in the field of networking, communication and security DCICL offers outstanding career opportunities for both novice as well as experienced professionals. We employ people from different domains such as Engineering, IT, Quality, Procurment, Marketing,Sales, Finance, Human Resource and many more.We adopt a transparent and unbiased recruitment policy which results in the selection of candidates solely on the basis of merit and ability. Once inducted, the candidate has a clear well-defined path for his advancement and growth in the organization. Besides this, DCICL also arranges mentoring program for its new recruits where they get an opportunity to interact with top professionals in the industry and gain valuable knowledge and insight in the area of networking, communications and security.

Why work at DCICL

  • You will get an opportunity to work on interesting projects in the field of networking and communication with the latest technology.
  • You can pursue your career in a growing and rewarding environment where everyone gets a fair chance to voice their ideas and showcase their talents.
  • you will get an opportunity to learn and grow with some of the best minds in the networking, communication industry.
  • you will receive generous compensation and work benefits for the effort and time you put in.
  • Our state-of-art infrastructure and ergonomically designed office will help you to work comfortably and reach your full potential.

We assure that we will provide a conducive and thriving environment where everyone gets a fair opportunity to showcase their skills,their talents and grow yourself both professionally and personally.

So if you have a zeal to persue a career in networking, communication and security come join with us and be a part of our team!.